28 October 2010

In Honour of Anti-Bullying Month

Just love the words to this song ...

And in memory of a courageous man - Dan Palmer - who died from injuries received from trying to stop animal abuse. Due to his bravery, three dogs were saved from further abuse at the hands of thugs. I wish I had known you Dan Palmer, you must have been an amazing man. In case you haven't read the story, here is a link to it :

27 October 2010

26 October 2010

Kindness begets Kindness

I enjoy people watching.  It often sit and contemplate life in general, people and how we interact, and many philosophical points that the Dalai Lama teaches.  I am a firm believer that behaviour begets behaviour, and what you put out there will be returned.

I guess that's also why I enjoy random acts of kindness so much.  Doing something kind for someone, just for the hell of it and not with an expectation of anything being returned.  This can be from as simple as taking a few minutes out of a busy day to stop and talk to a lonely old person waiting for the bus, or offering to help someone reach what they can't on the supermarket shelf.  Smiling a genuine and heartfelt smile at a complete stranger (even though they look at you as though you're mad).  Making a card for someone 'just because' and seeing their face light up when you give it to them.  Buying a much-needed item for someone who is battling and can't afford to buy it themselves.  Putting food out for wildlife in your garden......  The list is endless.

There is a lovely quote which springs to mind and which I was convinced I had written down (somewhere!) which goes along the lines of - 'Be kind to all you meet, you never know what hardships they are going through'.  I'm a believer in being kind.  Are you?

22 October 2010

We all fall down's whether we pick ourselves up
again after the fall that makes all the difference in the world...

21 October 2010

Love Cures People

I just love this image, simply because you can so clearly see the love this doggie feels for his/her person.  How awesome is it to feel so much love for someone unconditionally?

I received an e-mail recently filled with jokes and funny anecdotes, and it contained answers from children who were asked 'What is Love?'  I found their answers to be honest and true, and downright touching.  I'd like to share them :

What is Love?
  • Love is what makes you smile when you're tired. - Terri, age 4
  • Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.  Bobby, age 7
  • If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend you hate.  Nikka, age 6
  • Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well.  Tommy, age 6
  • Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday.  Noelle, age 7
  • When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different.  You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.  Billy, age 4
Thought provoking indeed  :)

19 October 2010

I had a crazy hectic day at work today.  One of those days where you can't wait to escape the noise and just chill...  It's been raining on and off all day.  I still find this weather hard to get used to - one minute it's fine, the next it's pouring with rain.  No extended period of one or the other.  ;D

The first time I ever saw a hedgehog (alive & not squashed along the road somewhere) was when I was out walking Maximus one morning and there was a cat prancing around something.  When I got closer I discovered a small hoglet.  No other hedgehogs anywhere in site.  So I picked him up and took him home.  Did some research online, only to discover that it was probably a good thing I rescued him (her?) - apparently if you find them awake or around in daylight, it means something is wrong...  So I kept him in a large box for a day and fed him wet cat food which he gobbled down like there was no tomorrow.

Tried to find an animal sanctuary or something similar where I could take him so he would be safe and didn't have any luck with the telephone numbers - none of them worked *sigh*  By which time he'd climbed right out of his box and wandered off into the garden somewhere anyway.  Now let me tell you - a hoglet may be small and appear incapable of much, and have exceptionally soft little feet, but boy can they climb!!  True escape artist - a mountain climbing one!!  Anyway.  So he now lives in the garden and has since grown somewhat.  I see him every now and again, late at night, wandering around.  I have also since discovered a much larger hedgehog which also seems to visit the garden which is FANTASTIC.

I've bought some hedgehog food, which I put on a plate and leave out each evening for them.  In the morning, the food is completely finished  (storing up for winter).

This is the hoglet when I first rescued him:
Pretty cute, huh?

Scoffing some food

The food I buy for spiky visitors :)

18 October 2010

Firu's Long Journey

I had to share this with everyone as I have been observing this for some time now, as have many of us. Firu was left tied to his owner's vehicle whilst the owner went drinking, and was then 'forgotten' there and dragged for a long, long distance before police managed to stop the vehicle - after people reported it.

Thank goodness for the guardian angels and people who did what they could to rescue him. And even more thanks to the amazing people who have contributed to his surgeries, continual care, and generally just showing him so much love.

Words cannot describe what this poor, innocent dog went through and I am continually amazed at his resilience, courage and strength. What an amazing dog.

Then again - all animals are amazing <3

Here is a link to the facebook page for Firu - if you can spare any money towards his veterinary bills and to his continued care, no matter how small an amount, please lend a hand.  He needs us :)!/pages/Firus-Journey/152433424796196

17 October 2010

Quiet Sundays

Here is my card which I made for Gwen Swing.  I mentioned it in a previous blog post, but a quick run-down again - Gwen has breast cancer and her daughter has asked that people send a card or postcard with some kind words of encouragement to her.  I think it is a wonderful idea, as I'm a firm believer in 'paying it forward' or simply just showing a kindness to someone in despair or in need.  It will be posted off to the USA tomorrow, and I can't wait for her to receive it :-)

 I am always intrigued by abandoned buildings / towns as it makes me question why they have been abandoned.  There are so many dotted around the world, including entire holiday resorts.  What intrigues me the most is how many of them are abandoned still fully furnished - yes, even with televisions in the bedrooms etc etc.  I don't understand it.  Of course, I also don't understand why people then have to go and vandalise them.  anyway!  The reason I mention this is because I came across an interesting website about a 'ghost' town in Namibia :

 Interesting stuff!

16 October 2010

A peaceful day

I had an interesting day today.  I posted my first parcel to my awesome brother who has been deployed to Afghanistan.  He will be gone for six months and it is a difficult situation for any family to deal with, when a loved one goes off to war.  I packed a box of goodies including his favourite biscuits - Jaffa cakes and other good things and due to it weighing less than 2kg, the postage is free.  Of course, it would be even better if Her Majesty would stop taxing British soldiers salaries!  But hey, small steps I guess ;-)

I took this photo on Friday at lunch time.  I work in a sales office which is always frantically busy and noisy and when I have time to escape for a lunch break (which doesn't happen often!) I drive to this parking spot about five minutes away from work - this church is beautiful and I so enjoy sitting and watching the squirrels playing and running around in the graveyard.

I don't know how visible it is, but there is a squirrel on the tree trunk facing down, with a nut in its mouth.  Such a cute little thing.  For good measure, I shall include another squirrel photo in this post - this time a close up of one!  I find the squirrels are rather friendly and trusting - on a trip to Colchester recently, they were eating out of our hands.  :)

If any of you out there have a couple minutes to spare, please send a card or postcard to this lady in America.  Her mom has breast cancer and Melissa Swing has asked people to send a small note of encouragement to her mom.  I think this is such a lovely idea - and proves that there are a lot of good people out there.  Here's the link to the facebook page, where you can read more about it and get the address details :!/event.php?eid=116854198371996

Everybody's someone

In case you're having a bad day or don't think you're particularly special - a beautiful song to make you smile. And make you realise that everyone is special :)

YouTube - Leann Rimes and Brian Mcfadden - Everybody's someone

15 October 2010

So glad it's Friday

WHAT a week!  Whew.  So glad it's finally week-end.  Feeling very tired this week.  And un-motivated.

I really like my fortune cookie for today - really have itchy feet!!  Now just need the finances to be able to do the travelling.  Hehehe

13 October 2010

Acts of Kindness

Have a look at this Absolut vodka ad - it contains a great message. . . What if currency was replaced with acts of kindness? What a beautiful world it would be :)