20 February 2011

I've had intermittent internet access for over two weeks now.  If you live in the UK and don't have to use BT - don't!!  It took almost a week to convince them a technician was needed.  During that time we were informed to follow the instructions on their webpage - right, so how do we do that when we have NO INTERNET ACCESS?  Duh!  Then it was discovered the problem lies at the exchange.  Needless to say, the problem continues.  *sigh*

Friday was my dear friend K's birthday, the one who recently had an altercation with a cow.  So I made her this birthday card - as she loves her doggie Bruiser as much as I love my Maximus, I thought she'd like this stamp very much:

Papers are My Mind's Eye Quite Contrary, the little girl & dog stamp is from Lili of the Valley and the 'Happy Birthday' sentiment stamp is from Personal Impressions (Mixed Sentiments).  Daisy punch is a Martha Stewart, flowers from CTM and the adhesive pearls from The Hobby House.

Had a trying week at work and Friday was the pits - leave the house to head to work . . . and my car won't start. . . <eek!>  Get a lift (thanks Mom!) and my car is towed off to a local garage.  Go to collect it on Saturday and get hit with a £195 bill.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.  I'm sure you get the drift of how much that hurt me  =)  Oh well, such is life.  The car is really old and tired now, and I've been looking around to buy another one.  Have applied for a loan to buy a newer and better model.  Here's hoping...

This is Leila cat - she was found in a gutter in Cape Town, South Africa, when she was a tiny little kitten.  How she'd even clung to life as long as she had, we don't know.  She is a much loved and healthy cat now, and can claim to have travelled far further than most cats.  When my parents moved from Cape Town, they took their four cats with them to France - they lived in Pontivy for six months to avoid the ridiculous quarantine laws in the UK, and the cats became French residents.  They got their international pet passports, and my parents then moved to the UK.  Isn't she a lovely cat?

 Not to be outdone of course, my handsome Maximus - I had to take this on my iPhone as my camera was upstairs, so it's a little grainy due to bad light.  He looks so sad here, as if to say 'don't leave me'.  He is an extension of my heartbeat, I would be lost without my furry child.  I am so blessed to have him.

17 February 2011

I had a day's leave from work today - yay.  Worst part of the day?  Dentist's appointment!  lol.  Had my filling and got out of there.  Relieved that's over.  Booked my appointment for six month's time like a good, responsible adult.  Hehe.

I made all the above cards over the space of a couple of days.  Aren't the papers gorgeous?  They came free with one of the papercrafting magazines I buy, and I made good use of them!
This card was made the other night for another lady at work who lost a pet recently.  Her cat died and she was in tears on and off through the day.  I know how much I love my gorgeous doggie Maximus and I know how distraught I'd feel if it was him, so my heart aches for anyone who loses a beloved furry family member.

I sure am looking forward to Friday!!

12 February 2011

Aren't friends amazing?   My friend K lives in the Shropshire region of the UK and had been working on a farm there for many years.  She recently had an 'altercation' with a cow (she was behind the cow and in the process of administering medication when it backed up, kicked her in the stomach and stood on her).  Needless to say, my dear friend was in agony for several days and at urging from several friends she finally agreed to go back to the doctor and insist on more tests being done.

Scans, tests, and many other things later, it turns out the cow had damaged a disc in her spine.  Which in turn had pinched a nerve and caused some paralysis in her right leg so that she was dragging her leg as she could not lift it.  After a special leg brace was fitted, she was dosed up with morphine, and sent home from hospital and tried to carry on but could not do her work properly.  She had follow up check ups and appointments with a surgeon.  After her second stay in hospital of a couple days was over, her boss gave her a 'present' - her P45 form (which is what you get when you leave/lose a job in the UK for tax purposes) and told to get out of her cottage on the farm two weeks later....  Completely illegal and wrong of course, but isn't it just amazing how people always kick you when you're down?

So anyway, she managed to find temporary alternate accomodation for her and her dog (Bruiser - pictured above), and had to go in last week Saturday for an operation on her spine.  A rather serious operation involving removing a portion of the disk from her spine which had been damaged and was causing the paralysis.  The surgery went well and she can still walk (thank the angels for that!).  She was very disappointed as the slight paralysis could not be removed, but the surgeon and his team have managed to prevent it from worsening. 

She is now not only unemployed (not allowed to work for a year due to the severity of the injury and recovery from her operation), living in a town and feeling claustrophobic (she prefer the countryside), but with no guaranteed income either.  Yet in the face of all of this, she is cautiously optimistic and so determined to get better.  I admire her courage, strength and determination - she is a true inspiration to me and I am blessed to have her in my life.

I mentioned this in my blog post on Thursday, about the two soldiers killed on Wednesday morning in the Nad 'Ali District of Helmand province.  They were 20 and 22 years of age and I am so deeply saddened by this.  I didn't know them, but my brother did and was honoured to serve with them both.

Private Conrad Lewis

Private Lewis Hendry

RIP soldiers from the 4 Para and 3 Para regiments respectively.

"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them. - Laurence Binyon

10 February 2011

Another two soldiers killed yesterday morning in my brother's regiment in Afghanistan. They have given their lives fighting oppression and protecting all of us. Maximum Respect - always ♥

8 February 2011

Had a rather trying couple of days at work.  I've never worked at a company quite like this one before - no matter what work experience/knowledge/qualifications you have, because you haven't worked for them forever you are treated like a moron.  I don't understand the mentality.  anyway!!!

I made a card for my friend K, which she wanted to give to her mom.

The stamp is a Lili of the Valley - isn't it cute?  I cut out a second pair of wings, which I used Star Dust Stickles on to make them all glittery and pretty :)

Had a good week-end overall, despite the sad news about more soldiers losing their lives in Afghanistan.  I went to a craft show in Stevenage on Sunday and had a quick whizz around.  Bought myself some more ProMarkers - including a blending marker - and a few other goodies which I was needing (brads and flat-backed adhesive pearls).  Of course, on Sunday night when I was doing a bit of card making, I found my original ProMarker blender marker....  Erm, no further comment!  LOL

6 February 2011

Another British soldier killed in Afghanistan yesterday.  He is the second soldier from my brother's regiment (The 3rd battalion parachute regiment) to be killed.

Warrant Officer Class 2 (Company Sergeant Major) Colin Beckett - my heart goes out to his family and loved ones.  RIP.  Maximum Respect 

5 February 2011

This story is so deeply disturbing and horribly sad, I can barely begin to imagine what these poor dogs went through.

I don't know how the employee can claim he was 'forced to kill' the 100 sled dogs - whatever happened to having the balls to stand up and say no?  To contact every imaginable authority and alert them BEFORE this senseless act of evil was committed?  Bruno Mars line from his song Grenade works well for me in this instance - 'Tell the devil I say hey when you get back to where you're from...'  I have to console myself with the thought that karma is a bitch and all the evil sods in this world who commit these kinds of atrocities will get what they deserve.  Sure doesn't ease my heartache though...

2 February 2011

I think many of us around the world have sat and watched in horror at what is happening in Cairo at the moment.  My family and I have been most concerned with the unnecessary destructive and vindictiveness of some of the Egyptian people, especially with regards to precious historical items.

Gareth Cliff is an outspoken South African DJ who has a popular show on the popular 5FM radio station.  His blog entry 'Cry for Me, Cairo' says how I feel about what is happening there.  You can read it here:

I can only hope it gets resolved soon, without further violence and unnecessary hooliganism.

I have also had Australia and the Australian people and animals on my mind.  Yet again they are bracing themselves against another assault of nature's fury.  I hope the angels surround them and keep them safe.

1 February 2011

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.
- Terry Pratchett