27 April 2011

Look at some of the cards I've made lately :)

The papers used were from the May issue of the Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine (issue 91) - the free gift was a Country Diary paper stack and chipboards.  What a treat :)  I had fun making these.

20 April 2011

The Power of Words

This conveys such a wonderful, positive, powerful message.  I just love how uplifting it is.  :)

14 April 2011

Vicktory dog - Lucas

Ten year old Lucas was one of the incredible dogs rescued from Michael Vick and their life of abuse and neglect.  Sadly, he still has health issues - but what a precious dog!

10 April 2011

What an awesome week-end!  We've had the most beautiful warm, sunny weather here for a good four days or so now, and being stuck in the office for a couple of them was frustrating.  However I've made the most of the week-end, spending a lot of it in the garden / outdoors getting things done.

Washed and vacuumed 'Pea today, so I have a good week of driving ahead in a beautifully clean car.  Gave Maximus a bath - he makes me laugh as he will go swimming without hesitation, but let me try and bath him and he doesn't want to know about it.  One day I will have to try and take some photos of what a funny event it turns out to be.

I of course forgot that after months of no sunshine, I should've been a little more careful - I have sunburned shoulders and arms.  It's not too bad, quite red at the moment, but will subside quickly.  I'd forgotten how much sunburned skin stings under hot water.  But hey, it's all worth it.  Besides, I'm hoping the sunshine will do the necessary to help produce some much needed vitamin D in my system and alleviate my psoriasis.

 Leila the cat enjoying the sunshine :)

6 April 2011

I love quotes.  Especially when they have great meaning :)

4 April 2011

A heart-warming story - after the devastation in Japan, this gorgeous dog was found floating in a house at sea.  She was rescued - yay!

Even happier news - her owner saw her on the news and they have been reunited :

This just makes me so happy.  What a precious dog - and how awesome that she was saved.

3 April 2011

I am so grateful for being able to see the beauty that surrounds me.  I am so grateful for a sunny day spent relaxing and playing with my dog, catching up on some reading, and getting a few odds and ends done.

 I just love daffodils.  Their bright yellow flowers truly signify the beginning of spring for me.  I also thought the little white daisies growing in the grass were cute.

It's Mother's Day here in the UK, and I made this card for my Mom.
The image is from the 'Simply Cards & Papercraft' magazine.  I scanned it, enlarged it, printed it out and coloured it with Promarkers.  Papers are from Craftwork Cards Vintage Rose 6x6 paper pack, paper punch is Martha Stewart, flat adhesive backed pearls are from Hobby House, and the flowers are from Wildorchidcrafts.  I printed the sentiment from my computer, font is 'Champagne' from 1001 free fonts -  They have some awesome fonts - check it out!

My sister in law and I were commenting the other day about how all the baby girl and boy stuff is all pink or blue.  There are so few exceptions and it is SO boring.  So when I saw this gorgeous little green dress I just HAD to buy it for my gorgeous niece!! The little bib is cute.

I took this on Thursday but didn't have time to post it.  This is Mischka the cat - a very naughty cat I might add!  Sleeping on my crafting table, on top of papers and other little goodies I was in the process of using for a card.  Cats are a law unto themselves - I go off to work and get home in the evening to discover my crafting table has been taken over by a sleeping cat *sigh*

My handsome dog Maximus :)  He doesn't like aeroplanes very much (must be his memory of his long flight from South Africa to the UK) and he was gazing at one flying over when I took this today.  Then he went and 'hid' behind the bench . . .

Aw...  Gotta love him.  He hid out here for all of two minutes and was then outside playing again and nosing around to see what I was doing =)